Setting up groups in Sociable


Sociable groups allow users to create and discuss the topics of interest. A group can be a private group or a public group.

  • Private Group: A private group allows the users to join only via approval from the group owner.
  • Public Group: Anyone can join the group without requiring approval.

Permission Settings

Groups can be created either from the administrator page or from the front end by the users. Only users in the allowed Joomla user groups can create the groups from the frontend. To allow any user group, go to Extensions -> Sociable -> Click Options button on the toolbar -> Permissions tab.

Creating Groups

To create a simple group, users need to provide a title and description. Once the group is created, other users can find it on the front end and join.

Creating Topics

After joining a group, users can create topics. The “Create a Topic” button will be shown on the topics page for group members. Users can create topics and replies on their own.

Manage Approvals

If the group is a private group, you should see the approval link on the members tab when a new user is joined the group. You can approve or disapprove the users from this page.

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