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  • Quick get started guide for Community Surveys

    Quick Guide Configuring Permission Settings Create Survey Viewing Survey Reports Prerequisites before the survey available to the users What are the ways to display a survey?

  • Inviting users to take the survey

    Community Surveys offer 4 ways to ask your users to take part in the survey. Invitation Types After you make a survey, you’ll see 4 ways to invite people to take it. Here is a quick video tutorial. Through global survey URL Using this method you can manually email the Survey URL to all the…

  • Installing and configuring CjForum

    Installation CjForum package includes the main component, modules, and plugins required to build the full forum feature. A quick video guide to set up the component. Follow the steps below for installing the component. Configuration Creating Forums Creating Menu Items See more about the menu structure here:Configure Search Engine Friendly URLs for CjForum Syncing Users