Inviting users to take the survey

Community Surveys offer 4 ways to ask your users to take part in the survey.

Invitation Types

After you make a survey, you’ll see 4 ways to invite people to take it. Here is a quick video tutorial.

Through global survey URL

Using this method you can manually email the Survey URL to all the users that you want to take the survey.

Contact Groups

This method helps you save the email addresses of your respondents by creating and using multiple contact groups. After creating a contact group and adding emails to it, you can select and click the invite button to send invitations. Keep in mind that sending a large number of invitations uses a lot of resources, so it’s best to create multiple contact groups and invite them separately.

Unique Survey URLs

In this method, you can make multiple survey links and send them to your respondents using email or other methods. Each user will receive a unique link, so it’s easier to track their responses if your survey is not anonymous.

Joomla User Groups

This method lets you send invitations to the users registered on your Joomla site. If you forget to invite your users, you can still access the invite page through the link provided on the listings page, just below your survey link. If your survey is private, you can access it through the My Surveys tab.

How to access the invite page?

The link to the invite page is available for every survey at multiple locations:

  1. In the back-end surveys listing page
  2. In front-end listing page (for public surveys)
  3. In front-end My Surveys page (for private/public surveys)

Note: To view the My Surveys page, you must create a Community Surveys User menu item. This menu item does not have to be displayed on the front end; you can create it in a hidden menu. For instructions on creating a menu item, refer to this documentation:

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