Inviting users to take the survey

Community Surveys provides 4 ways to invite your users take part of the survey.

Invitation Types

After you created a survey, you will be presented a page with the following 4 methods of inviting users to take part of the survey.

Through global survey url

Using this method you can manually email the Survey URL to all the users that you want to take survey.

Contact Groups

This method allow you to save the email addresses of your respondents using multiple contact groups that you can create on the fly. Once you create contact group and add emails to it, you can select and click invite button to send invitations. Please note that sending huge number of invitations is a resource hungry operation. So create multiple contact groups and invite them separately.

Unique Survey URLs

In this method, you can create as many survey urls as you want and send them to your respondents (through your favourite email client or other communication medium). Each user will get a unique url, so tracking the responces would become easier if your survey is not anonymous.

Joomla User Groups

This method allows you to send invitations to the registered users on your Joomla site. In case by any chance you miss inviting your users, you can still access the invite page through the link provided on listings page just below your survey link. If your survey is private survey, it can be accessed through My Surveys tab.

How to access invite page?

The link to invite page is available for every survey at multiple locations:

  1. In back-end surveys listing page
  2. In front-end listing page (for public surveys)
  3. In front-end My Surveys page (for private/public surveys)

Note: To see My Surveys page, you need to create Community Surveys User menu item. It need not be shown on front-end, you can create it in a hidden menus as well. To know how to create menu item, see this documentation: