Shortcodes supported by Community Quiz certificates

The following shortcodes can be inserted into the certificate PDF files. The values will be automatically replaced according to the user’s response. Add the following shortcodes in the certificate template (Components -> Community Quiz -> Certificates)

  • {QUIZ_ID} – The ID of the quiz
  • {QUIZ_TITLE} – Quiz title
  • {USER_NAME} – The responder’s name
  • {SCORE} – The marks scored by the user
  • {DATE} – The date the user response is started on

The answers submitted by the user can also be inserted into the PDF certificate. Make sure the “Content – Quotes Fields” plugin is enabled. Add the following shortcode format to the certificate template.

{QUIZFIELD ["quiz": QUIZ_ID, "question": QUESTION_ID]}

Replace QUIZ_ID with ID of the quiz and QUESTION_ID with ID of the question.

Limitation: This feature is limited to textbox and radio-type questions only.

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