Custom module positions in CjForum

CjForum comes with some predefined module positions which allow you to embed any of your modules such as advertisements into them. Since standard module positions in Joomla does not give you enough freedom to embed your modules into the actual component content, CjForum defines its own module positions. They are explained below.

In Forums (Index) page

forums-view-after-forum-X-Y: where X is the section number, Y is the forum number. e.g. forums-view-after-forum-1-1 will load after first forum in the first section.
forum-categories-above-toolbar: display the module above the toolbar on category pages

In topics listings

topics-view-after-topic-X: where X is the topic position. e.g. topics-view-after-topic-1 will load your module after the first topic in the list.
topics-list-above-toolbar: display the module above the toolbar on topics list pages

In topic details page

topic-view-after-reply-X: where X is the reply position. e.g. topic-view-after-reply-1 will load your module after the first reply in the topic on every topic details page.
topic-view-above-reply-form: display the modules above the topic reply form
topic-view-below-reply-form: display the modules below the topic reply form
topic-view-above-replies: display the modules above the topic replies

In profile page

profile-view-above-summary: loads your module just before the summary (below the avatar)

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