Adding mathematical formulas in quizzes

Starting v5.0.3, you can add mathematical formulas inside the quiz description, question description, and answers. Community Quiz uses KaTex library to display mathematical formulas and it ships with a copy of it.

How to enable formulas?

  1. Make sure you have v5.0.3 or later version installed
  2. Enabled “Load Maths/Tex Library” option either in the component options or in the quiz options
  3. If you would like to insert the formulae using your Joomla editor, enable “Button – Maths” (type editors-xtd) plugin is enabled.

How to add formulas

  • If you enabled “Button – Maths” plugin, a button is displayed in your Joomla editor to easily add formulas.
  • You can also add formulas manually anywhere in the description or the answers using the HTML code shown below
<span class="math">YOUR LaTex FORMULA HERE</span>

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