CjBlog Frequently asked questions

When I logged in to front-end, I don’t see submit button. How can I submit articles from front-end?

CjBlog uses Joomla article system itself to store your articles instead of reinventing the whole wheel. And Joomla by default do not allow Registered user group to submit articles. You need to be in Author or above user group to get article submission access.

How do I restrict CjBlog only on certain categories I choose?

You can do it from CjBlog content plugin configuration. Go to Components->CjBlog->Click on Options button on toolbar->Categories tab. Select the categories where CjBlog should be excluded.

How do I restrict only certain categories displayed in CjBlog categories page?

Go to Admin Site->Components->CjBlog and click on Options button on toolbar. And click on Categories tab. Now you can exclude the categories, you don’t want to display, using Exclude Categories option.

Does CjBlog has any built-in article submission form?

Yes. Go to CjBlog configuration (Components->CjBlog->Options button on toolbar) and select Default Form Handler option to CjBlog.

My profile pages are not accessible to the guests, what is the problem?

Make sure the permission settings on your menu item. Unless you give permission to guests on profile menu item, user profiles can’t be viewed by the guest users.

After installing badge XML file, I do not see anything badge rules, how can I create badge rules?

After installing badge XML file you need to create badge rules. Click on New button to get started with creating badge rule with the installed XML rule file.