Lotus framework let you to build native Android apps for your Joomla® powered websites. Use our user-friendly front-end tool to build your first Lotus powered Android app.

What is Lotus

Lotus is a framework which comes as two main parts.

  1. Lotus Joomla! Component: This is a standard Joomla! component which allows you to manage the content that will be shown on the app. You can use this app to customise which features shall be enabled or disabled, customise ui etc.
  2. Lotus Android APK package: You can build Android APK package using our front-end tool on corejoomla.com. Once you download the package, you need to sign the package with your private key and then you can publish it on Google Play Store. Users can download your app from Play Store and connect to your website. Your website details are bundled in the package when you build it on corejoomla.com.

Please note that the app will not contact corejoomla.com, instead talk to Lotus component installed on your website.

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