Creating CjFit Challenges

One of the important features of CjFit is Challenges. The idea behind this feature is to encourage your users to do more workouts by creating a challenge for your community members.

How it works?

The challenge can be created to ask users to perform specified workout or a combination of workouts. For example, you can ask the users to walk 5000 steps and be active for over 60 minutes to win the challenge. You can create more complex challenges using the challenges rules form.

What happens when user win challenges?

When users reaching their challenge goal, they will be awarded the points which you set up on your challenge. The workout details are automatically captured from Fitbit API.

  1. The winners will be automatically get rewarded.
  2. An email notification will be sent if you enable it.
  3. An activity stream is posted to your community extension if you enable it.

How to announce new challenges?

You can use the challenges module to show latest challenges. Or you can manually announce the challenges to your users.

What are the activities that can be used in challenges?

One or more of the below activities can be included in the challenge rules.

  1. Number of steps
  2. Distance walked
  3. Calories burned
  4. Active minutes

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