౧. CjBlog is a community blogging software for Joomla®. That means it can be useful on websites where you need community participation in creating content. For a personal blogging website for your own needs, CjBlog is not a recommended software. For personal blogs, WordPress does more than you need.
౨. CjBlog provides all means of encouragement to the community participants in the form of points, badges, personal blog page for each user, personal profile page, user avatars etc. Again, these features are overshoot for a one person personal blog.
౩. CjBlog does not create articles on its own database tables, rather uses Joomla articles system. We believe there is no point in re-inventing the whole wheel. Joomla articles system is well tested by thousands of volunteers and is extremely stable. So we choose it to power CjBlog.
౪. CjBlog is not just confined to blogging, but can also be extended to the whole website echo system. with the powerful tools such as avatars, points system, badges, user profiles, it can be well suitable for a community website. A separate document for API is available for integrating CjBlog with third party extensions.

CjBlog API

CjBlog has extensive API defined in following categories.

  • Avatar System: Avatar system API allows developers to integrate the CjBlog avatars with their extensions.
  • Profile System: The profile system allows the developers to integrate the user profiles with CjBlog user profile. The user profile system supports triggers selected CjBlog events which allow you to integrate your own content into CjBlog user profiles.
  • Badges System: This allows you to award and display badges specific to your extension.
  • Points System: Points system allows you to give points to user based on certain predefined actions within your extension.
  • Events: You can write a user profile plugin to respond to predefined set of user profile events to integrate custom data/listings into user profiles.

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